Teacher’s Corner

General Instructions:

» Your agreement with S. N. Enterprise will be for a period of 1year. If you decide to stop working, are absent for a long period of time without prior intimation, lengthen the leave or conduct any malpracitces, S. N. Enterprise has the authority to withhold one month’s tuition fees.

» Whenever an inquiry for tuitions is given to the teacher it is mandatory to give 2 free demo lectures. No fees/money will be paid for this. In case of the agreement being terminated by client/parent/ teacher/student/ by authority of S. N. Enterprise due to whatever reasons, no fees/money will be paid to the teacher for that month.

» Attendance sheet duly signed by the parents is mandatory for the calculation of tuition fees.

» Leave taken either by the teacher/parents cannot be carried forward. Tuition classes missed by the teacher due to leave have to be completed in the same month and cannot be carried forward. In case the teacher is unable to complete the classes for the month due to leave, the fees for the same will not be paid.

» Leave will be taken by prior intimation to the authority of S. N. Enterprise and parents.

» No fees will be paid in case the tuition is not completed.

» Any decision pertaining to the above clauses can only be altered/changed/added/subtracted or deleted by the authority for S. N. Enterprise.