Our Interventions / Counselling Process

1. Academic Background – We know that each individual is unique. We delve into their past academic background to understand the positive as well as the negative aspects of each individual. This enables us to chart an effective learning graph for the individual enhancing his capabilities.

2. I.Q. & E.Q. Levels – The I.Q and E.Q level of an individual is analyzed and after proper consultation the graph is crafted and learning begins.

3. Strengths & Improvement Areas: Each individual thinks, feels and acts differently under different circumstances. These can define the strengths and improvement areas of the person. At S.N. Career, we ensure that improvement areas are turned into strengths enabling him/her to overcome any obstacles coming his way.

4. Socio Economic Background – Depending on the monetary capability of the individual, topics are designed so that he/she can get the most out of the topics.

5. Interaction – We believe in one on one consultation with both parents and students and also ensure to discuss things together before finalizing the course. Through this we ensure to give proper guidance on the courses that can be taken for the individual’s development.

6. Special Calibre – Each individual has a special capability or an inclination to do something better than the rest. We will like to draw this out and then make the best out of it which would in turn be used for the progression of the individual.

7. Sports Background –

8. Culture & Heritage – India has a plethora of culture and heritage and we understand this and try to groom the individual keeping this sensitivity in mind.

9. Indian Economics – Knowledge about India and its various aspects

10. Foreign Background – There are various prospects for future studies not only in India but beyond. At S.N. Career we tap this information and try to impart information