1.since how long is the company operational?
ANS: 25 years

2. what are the subjects you teach?
ANS: All school ( kg to !2th Cbse, Icse Igcse IB and Gseb boards ) + al college levels ( sc commerce and arts ) all Engineering subjects all medical subjects. all preparation of entrance exams . all foreign languages

3. Do you have specialized faculties?
ANS: Yes We have.

4. Do you verify the teachers?
ANS: Yes thoroughly verified.

5. What if are not comfortable with teacher? do you change the teacher?
ANS:Yes We change the teacher.

6. What are your charges?
ANS:Charges can be only discussed after counselling the student.

7. Are you also providing online training?
ANS: Yes we are providing online training.

8. What if the teacher doesn’t come for 2 days or take 2 days holiday?
ANS: Then she will cover up those 2 days by coming for extra ddays or sit half an hour extra and cover up.

9. Are these teachers working in school/colleges?
ANS: Yes.

10. Do you have different teachers for different boards?
ANS: Yes we do have different teachers for different boards.

11. What is the mode of payent?
ANS: It can be cash/cheque or online transfer.

12. Do you take advance payment?
ANS: Yes we take advance payment.

13. Are these teachers experienced?
ANS: Yes their minimum expereice is 4 to 5 years.